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Sexy Corsets

The sexy corset have a fairly ancient origin, from the beginning it was designed to stylize the figure of the body and at that time it was not only used by women. As time went by, it became an undergarment only for women, so it underwent modifications so that it could slim the torso and support the breasts.

Nowadays you can find a large number of sexy corset that you can give them different uses. In this article we will give you different information that can be useful if what you want is to buy a sexy corset.

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What are the best Sexy Corsets?

Defining which are the best sexy corsets means limiting the different variations of corsets on the market. Since depending on your tastes and your body type you can define which is the best option for you, when it comes to sexy corset . Among the types of corsets there are:

  • Over the bust. Also known as overbust, this goes from the bust to enhance it and goes to the hips. You can even use this as an outer garment and it is not necessary to wear a bra.
  • Under the bust. This starts below the bust and is known as underbost, it reaches the hips. With this corset you must wear a bra.
  • Belt or belt. This only covers the abdominal part, it is necessary to wear a bra and it can be used as a garment under clothing or as an outer garment.
  • Flexible. These are usually of the semi-rigid type and are designed to enhance and shape the waist and figure of the woman. The manufacturing materials are usually elastic and flexible fabrics.
  • Bustier. This can be said to be one of the sexy corsets, the difference is that it is not designed to modify the silhouette, but rather to enhance it. The bustier is shorter and more flexible, it is used as a piece of lingerie.

What is the difference between ordinary corsets and sexy corsets?

Knowing the difference between regular corsets and sexy corsets is important , since it allows you to identify which corset you want to obtain.

One of the main differences is that traditional corsets can be used as a method to shape the figure and there are even some for medical purposes that are used after surgery.

While a sexy black corset is designed to further stylize and shape your figure, so it allows you to have a more sensual touch, whether you select one to use in privacy or as an outer garment.

Ordinary corsets tend to be a fairly generic design, while sexy corsets They are usually made with flexible and elastic fabrics. In addition, these are usually manufactured in striking colors that help highlight their beauty. They are even usually designed to be worn with garter belts or sexy stockings.

Usually a sexy corset lingerie is usually a little more expensive than a traditional corset, this is because they tend to be of higher quality materials, since they are usually used as underwear.

How can I know my size to wear corsets?

If you have never worn a corset before and want to know what size you should buy, just measure your waist with a tape measure. To take the correct measurement you must make it a few centimeters above the navel. Once you have taken the measurement, you must subtract 10 cm and that would be the size in which you should look for your corset.

If, for example, you have measured 80 cm, by subtracting the 10 cm that we indicate, the measurement would be 70 cm, so you should look for a corset for that size.

Once you have obtained the corset in the size you have