How to make the right lingerie purchase

como acertar con la lenceria

The art of sexy lingerie is not only a matter of aesthetics, it is a powerful means of personal transformation. Through it, a woman can feel more confident, powerful and in tune with her femininity.

In the heart of Barcelona, My Look Luck has emerged as a sanctuary for lingerie lovers, providing pieces that not only beautify the body, but also empower the spirit.

Knowing your body

Identifying your body type

Before diving into the world of lingerie, it is essential to know your body. Whether apple-shaped, pear-shaped, hourglass, among others, each type has lingerie that suits them best.

The importance of measuring correctly

The wrong size can ruin the experience of wearing a beautiful piece of lingerie. Be sure to take accurate bust, waist and hip measurements. Measuring correctly is essential to ensure the perfect fit.

Materials and fabrics: which is best for you?

Benefits of cotton, silk, lace, and more. Cotton is known for its comfort, silk for its luxury and lace for its delicacy. Knowing the materials will allow you to choose the best according to the occasion and your skin.

Recommendations for sensitive skin

If your skin is delicate, opt for natural and soft fabrics. Organic cotton and pure silk are ideal to avoid irritation.

Lingerie styles and their function

Babydolls or bodysuits? Each style has its purpose. While a babydoll can be free-floating, a bodysuit can offer a more defined silhouette.

Push-up, balconette, bralette effect

Choosing the right bra can completely change your look. A push-up adds volume, a balconette highlights the natural shape, and a bralette offers comfort with a touch of style.

Colors and psychology: choosing the perfect hue

Colors not only beautify, they also communicate. Black can speak of mystery, while red evokes passion. It is essential to know what tones enhance your skin and what they want to convey.

The importance of the occasion

Everyday lingerie

Comfort and style must go hand in hand. Choose pieces that make you feel good from dawn to dusk.

Special nights

Surprise with elegance and sensuality. Choose pieces that not only make you feel sexy, but also powerful.

Choices for brides

For that special day, delicacy and romanticism are key. Opt for light tones and subtle details.

Care and conservation of your lingerie

Cleaning and storage

Keep your pieces in perfect condition by washing them gently and storing them properly. Good care ensures the longevity of your garments.

How to avoid rapid wear and tear?

Avoid excessive use of dryers and harsh chemicals. Prefer air drying and hand washing.

The “My Look Luck” experience

With a vast collection and personalized attention, My Look Luck is positioned as the ideal option in Barcelona for your lingerie shopping. Our commitment is to offer quality and an unforgettable experience to each client.

Final considerations and additional tips

Lingerie is a vast and exciting world. Don’t be afraid to experiment with styles and colors. At My Look Luck, our experts are ready to advise you on every step of your lingerie journey.


Lingerie is much more than fabric and lace, it is a tool for empowerment and expression. Whether you’re looking for comfort, sensuality or both, there’s always a perfect piece waiting to be discovered. And remember, in your search, My Look Luck is always ready to help you.

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