How to choose sexy short pajamas?

elegir pijamas cortos sexys

Sexy lingerie has for centuries been a tool to empower and enhance women’s femininity. From its beginnings as a fundamental garment to its evolution as an icon of sensuality, lingerie has transformed its purpose and design according to the times and trends. Barcelona, being a city known for its avant-garde style, is home to stores like My Look Luck, a haven for all those who seek to express themselves through intimate pieces.

The importance of comfort and style in choosing a sexy short pajama set

The balance between feeling good and looking good is essential. Wearing pieces that combine style and comfort not only boosts self-esteem, but also ensures a good night’s sleep. The confidence that comes from feeling comfortable in your own skin is unmatched, and what better way to express it than through a pair of pajama shorts that reflect your personality.

Materials and fabrics: beyond seduction

The fabric of your pajama shorts plays a crucial role. Cotton is ideal for warm nights, while lace adds that sensual touch. The choice of fabric will depend on the season and the occasion. It is essential to research and opt for materials that breathe and adapt to your skin.

Guide to choosing the perfect cut

The design of your pajama shorts should complement your figure. From halter and strapless styles to flirty babydolls, there is endless variety. Consider your body type and the areas you want to highlight or conceal. You may want to consult a body type style guide.

Playing with colors and patterns

Colors in lingerie convey emotions. While red can symbolize passion, black can symbolize elegance and mystery. Patterns, on the other hand, can affect the perception of the whole. A large print could enlarge areas, while a small one reduces them. Choosing the right color and print can enhance your look to the fullest.

Details that make a difference

A simple lace or sheer can elevate your pajama shorts to another level. These details add layers of sensuality and sophistication. And don’t forget the accessories, from a simple choker to an elegant dressing gown, that can complete your look.

Care and maintenance of your pajama shorts

To keep your pajama shorts in perfect condition, follow the manufacturer’s washing recommendations. Generally, delicate garments benefit from hand washing with mild soaps. This extra care ensures greater durability.

The choice of pajama shorts at My Look Luck

At My Look Luck, variety and quality go hand in hand. Its collections reflect the latest trends and are designed with comfort and style in mind. Opting for My Look Luck is a guarantee of quality and sensuality.

Lingerie is more than a fashion, it is a form of expression. It is a tool for empowerment and confidence. While it is essential to follow some guidelines, the final choice should resonate with your personality and make you feel comfortable and sexy.


Choosing a sexy short pajama set involves considering many factors. From the material and design to the small details that make the difference. At the end of the day, your choice should make you feel good about yourself. We invite you to visit My Look Luck in Barcelona and discover a world of possibilities.

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