How to choose a swimsuit according to your body?

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Summer is here and with it, the search for that perfect swimsuit. But, beyond the trends and seasonal colors, there is one detail that makes the difference: how it fits your body. Choosing the right swimsuit not only enhances your figure, but makes you feel comfortable and confident. Join me on this tour where I will show you how to find that ideal piece.

Why is it important to choose the right swimsuit?

Advantages of feeling comfortable and secure

The right swimsuit doesn’t just enhance your appearance. It allows you to move freely, without fear of unwanted slippage. Feeling confident in your swimsuit boosts your self-esteem and allows you to enjoy the sun, sea or pool without reservation.

Relevance in adventure sports

When practicing water sports, the choice of swimsuit becomes even more crucial. You need it to be functional and to fit your figure perfectly to avoid inconveniences. We will go into more detail on this topic below.

Body types and their characteristics

Pear-shaped body

This body type is characterized by hips that are wider than the shoulders. The key is to balance the top with the bottom. You might consider a bikini with bust detailing to highlight this area.

Apple-shaped body

It is characterized by a trunk wider than the hips. A swimsuit with details at the waist or with asymmetrical cuts can be ideal.

Rectangular body

Here, shoulders and hips are aligned. Playing with textures and ruffles can add volume in strategic areas.

Hourglass body

It is characterized by aligned shoulders and hips, but with a defined waist. Suits that accentuate this feature are ideal.

Athletic body

It is a toned body, with little difference between hips and trunk. Suits with cutouts and slits can add femininity and curves.

General recommendations when choosing a swimsuit

Materials and durability

Make sure your swimsuit is made of quality materials. Polyamide and elastane are often ideal for their durability and chlorine resistance.

Flexibility and adaptability

Stretchiness without losing its shape is key. This will ensure that it fits your body, without constricting or leaving marks.

Respect for the environment and sustainability

Opt for brands that use recycled materials or have sustainability policies. Take care of the planet even while you bathe!

Choosing a swimsuit according to your body type

Tips for a pear-shaped body

If you have this body type, opt for outfits that highlight your bust. Bright prints and colors on top, along with plain bottoms, will balance your silhouette. Avoid tight-fitting or bulky panties.

Common mistakes when choosing a swimsuit and how to avoid them

From not trying on several sizes to getting carried away by fashion alone, mistakes are common. Here we will offer you solutions to avoid falling into them.

Adventure sports and swimsuits

Why choice is crucial for water sports practitioners

An inadequate suit can restrict your movements, cause chafing or even put you in danger. Therefore, it is essential to choose wisely if you practice sports such as surfing, snorkeling or diving.

Examples and specific cases of recommended sports and suits

For surfing, you need suits that reduce friction with the board and protect you from the sun. In diving, it is vital that they fit snugly to prevent water from entering.

Care and maintenance of your swimsuit

Cleaning and storage

Always wash by hand and with cold water. Allow to dry in the open air, but never under direct sunlight. Store in a cool, dry place.

How to extend service life

Avoid sitting on rough surfaces and follow washing instructions exactly. This way, your suit will last you for many summers.


Choosing the right swimsuit is a combination of knowing your body, your needs and the features of the product. Whether sunbathing or practicing your favorite water sport, it is always possible to find that piece that makes you feel great. Don’t forget to visit My look luck for more tips and recommendations!


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