Basic guide to choosing thongs or panties

Guia basica para elegir tangas o braguitas

A brief history of lingerie in fashion

Lingerie is not simply a piece of underwear, but throughout history it has played a leading role in fashion. From Victorian-era puffed skirts to corsets, each piece tells a story about society and its standards of beauty. In recent decades, lingerie has gone from being a simple accessory to being the protagonist of many looks.

The rise of intimate trends in Barcelona

Barcelona, known for its architecture and rich culture, has experienced a boom in intimate trends. With stores like My Look Luck, the city has become a benchmark for sexy, high-quality lingerie. City dwellers and visitors are looking for pieces that are not only comfortable, but also reflect their personality and style.

The world of panties

Classification and types

Essential pieces in any woman’s closet, panties come in different styles: bikini, hipster, boyshort and more. Each style has its advantages and is suitable for different types of clothing or situations.

Most commonly used materials and their advantages

Cotton, silk, lace and satin are some of the most popular materials. While cotton is breathable and perfect for everyday wear, silk and lace offer a touch of luxury and femininity. The material chosen must be comfortable and suitable for the needs of the moment.

Discovering thongs

History and origin

The thong, originally known in ancient cultures as a simple garment that covered the essentials, has evolved over the years. In recent decades, it has become popular as a sexy and comfortable option, eliminating visible underwear marks with tight-fitting garments.

Benefits and reasons for choosing thongs

Opting for a thong is not only a matter of aesthetics. It is an ideal option to avoid marks under dresses, skirts or tight pants. In addition, many women find them especially comfortable in warmer climates.

How to choose the best size

Sizing: the importance of a perfect fit

Incorrect sizing can cause discomfort. It is essential to measure yourself correctly and follow the size charts provided by the brand. A well-fitting piece improves comfort and self-confidence.

Common mistakes in size selection

Opting for a smaller size expecting it to stretch over time or choosing a larger size with comfort in mind are common mistakes. It is essential to follow the recommendations and size guides of the brand in question.

Styles for every occasion

Thongs and panties for everyday use

For the daily routine, it is essential to opt for comfortable and breathable pieces. Cotton panties or simple thongs are ideal.

Lingerie for special occasions

For those special nights or important events, pieces with lace, silk or details such as sequins can be perfect to feel and look spectacular.

Recommendations for tight-fitting clothing

With tight-fitting clothing, it is advisable to wear thongs or seamless panties to avoid visible marks. The soft, stretchy material is an excellent choice.

Tips for taking care of your lingerie

Proper cleaning and storage

Lingerie requires special care. It is ideal to wash them by hand or in gentle washing cycles, and store them in a dry place away from direct light.

How to extend the life of your thongs and panties

Avoiding the use of bleach, air-drying and not ironing are some tips to keep lingerie in perfect condition for longer.

Lingerie and self-confidence

How the right lingerie can boost self-esteem

Lingerie is not only an undergarment. Choosing the right piece can boost confidence and make a woman feel powerful and self-assured.

Panties and thongs as a reflection of personality

Every woman is unique, and her lingerie should reflect that. Whether it’s vibrant colors, prints or classic styles, each choice tells a story about who you are.

My Look Luck: your lingerie ally in Barcelona

Featured collections

My Look Luck is not your average lingerie store. With collections ranging from classic to avant-garde, it has become a benchmark for those seeking quality and style in Barcelona.

Benefits of Choosing My Look Luck Lingerie

In addition to offering a wide range of styles, My Look Luck stands out for its personalized attention and commitment to quality. Each piece is designed with comfort and beauty in mind.

Testimonials from satisfied customers

“Since I discovered My Look Luck, I don’t shop for lingerie anywhere else. The quality and design are incomparable,” says Laura, one of the store’s many satisfied customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Resolving common questions about thongs and panties

How to choose the right size? Which material is best for summer? These and other doubts are common and in this section we will solve them to ensure a successful purchase. It is convenient to make an internal link to an article dedicated exclusively to resolve these doubts.

Additional tips for making the right choice

Always remember to test (on your own garments) and consult the return policies. Each brand may have slight variations in sizes, so it is vital to know your measurements.


The choice of a thong or panty goes beyond a simple purchase. It is a statement of style, personality and confidence. And if you’re in Barcelona, there’s no better place to make that choice than at My Look Luck. We invite all women to discover the magic of quality lingerie and to feel powerful and comfortable with every choice.

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