Basic guide to choosing sexy Kimonos

Guia basica para elegir Kimonos sexys

The kimono, a garment that evokes images of Japanese tradition and culture, has undergone a surprising evolution from its origin to the universe of sexy lingerie. Originally, this costume was a representation of social status, marriage and age of the wearer. However, with the passage of time and the fusion of cultures, the kimono has acquired an erotic and sensual nuance.

The purpose of this article is to give you a complete guide to choosing that sexy kimono that makes you feel powerful, elegant and confident.

Why Kimono as a piece of lingerie?

The elegance and versatility of the kimono make it a sublime choice for lingerie. It brings a touch of mystery and exoticism thanks to its Japanese influence, evoking nights full of passion and charm.

Most commonly used materials

The choice of material is essential when selecting a kimono. Satin, with its soft, lustrous drape, provides a luxurious feel to the touch. If you are looking for a bolder and more seductive touch, lace is ideal. And, for those who seek to insinuate without showing too much, transparencies and light fabrics are perfect.

How to choose the ideal kimono according to your figure

Each body is different, and the kimono must be adapted to it:

  • For curvy silhouettes: Look for kimonos that accentuate your waist and provide good flow at the hips.
  • For slimmer figures: Opt for kimonos with details or patterns that add volume and texture.
  • Length considerations: From the mini that shows off the legs, the midi for a balanced touch, to the long for a more majestic and enveloping effect.

The color that speaks for you

Black and red are traditionally sensual colors, perfect for a fiery night out. However, pastel shades provide a delicate and feminine look. Don’t limit yourself to solid color: patterns and designs can tell an even more intriguing story.

Accessories and complements

Adding accessories can further enhance your look. The belts and ties allow you to adjust the kimono to your size. Pair it with lingerie, whether it’s a simple bralette or a daring corset. And, as for footwear, you can opt for anything from delicate sandals to heels that elevate your presence.

Basic care for your kimono

By following the washing instructions and storing it properly, you will ensure that your kimono stays in perfect condition. Always remember to store it in a dry place and, if it is made of lace or has delicate details, in a separate bag.

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Wearing a kimono is an act of confidence and attitude. It’s not just a garment, but a statement of intent. Always remember to prioritize comfort with sensuality; a comfortable woman is a confident woman.


We invite you to explore the fascinating world of sexy kimonos and find the one that speaks for you, the one that makes you feel unique and powerful.

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