Basic guide to choosing garter belts

Guia basica para elegir ligueros

The garter belt, a garment that has transcended time, being the object of fascination and symbolism throughout history. Join me on this journey through the world of lingerie and discover how this piece has evolved and how it can be an ideal complement to your wardrobe.

Brief history of garters

Garter belts were born in 18th century France, used mainly as a functional garment to support stockings. Over time, its connotation changed, becoming a symbol of eroticism and femininity. In the 1920s, its popularity skyrocketed, making it a must-have in many women’s closets.

The importance of sexy lingerie on self-esteem

Lingerie, and especially the garter belt, not only fulfills an aesthetic function. By wearing the right pieces, a woman can feel more confident and empowered. It is a secret weapon that, although not always in plain sight, greatly influences how we feel and how we present ourselves to the world.

What is a garter belt and what is it used for?

Description and common uses

A garter belt is a garment designed to hold stockings through elastic straps. It is used for both practical and aesthetic reasons. She has also become an icon of fashion and sensuality, adding a provocative and elegant touch to the lingerie ensemble.

The garter belt in contemporary culture and fashion

Since its appearance on runways and in the world of cinema, the garter belt has left its mark on popular culture. Models, actresses and singers have incorporated it, reaffirming its status as a garment that defies convention and celebrates femininity. It is more than a piece of lingerie, it is a statement of intent.

Types of garter belts: getting to know the varieties

Classic suspenders

These garter belts are characterized by their simple and elegant design. They generally have 4 elastic straps and are placed at the hip. They are perfect for those looking for a timeless and sophisticated option.

High-waisted suspenders

Ideal for those looking to slim their figure. These garter belts fit around the waist and offer greater coverage, thus defining the silhouette.

Garters with details and ornaments

For lovers of extravagance, there are garter belts with embroidery, rhinestones, bows and other details that make them true works of art.

Corset style garters

They provide structure and are ideal for more elaborate outfits. In addition, they have a vintage look that makes them irresistible. These corset-style garters add a touch of drama and passion to any outfit.

Materials and manufacturing: the key to comfort


Lace is synonymous with elegance in the world of lingerie. Their intricate designs add a touch of sophistication and finesse.


Satin stands out for its softness and subtle sheen. It is ideal for those seeking comfort without sacrificing style.


This material is lightweight and breathable, perfect for everyday use. In addition, its elasticity guarantees a perfect fit.

Elastic and adjustable

A good garter belt should fit your body. Elastic and adjustable strap options ensure a comfortable and customized experience.

How to choose the right size

Measurement and size

It is essential to measure your waist and hips to find your perfect size. Brands often offer sizing charts that facilitate this process. Correct sizing is key to ensure comfort and avoid unwanted shifting of the garter belt.

The importance of a good fit

An ill-fitting garter belt is not only uncomfortable, but can also affect your functionality and appearance. Optimal fit enhances the figure and ensures that stockings stay in place.

Tips for testing and adapting

When trying on a garter belt, be sure to move around and adopt different positions to check for comfort. Adjust the straps according to the length of your legs and the height at which you prefer to wear your stockings. Customization is key to a perfect experience.

Combining your garter belt with other pieces of lingerie

Sets with fasteners

A garter belt and matching bra can be the perfect combination. Play with colors and textures to create a harmonious and seductive look.

Combination with stockings

Stockings are the natural complement to the garter belt. Whether opaque, netted or patterned, finding the perfect combination will enhance your outfit to the fullest.

Complete lingerie sets: creating the perfect look

For special occasions, nothing like a complete lingerie set. Panties, bra, garter belt and stockings, all in tune, are the key to feel like a diva.

Current styles and trends at My Look Luck

Everyday suspenders

At My Look Luck, you’ll find practical and comfortable garters, ideal for incorporating into your daily routine without sacrificing style.

Options for special occasions

Looking for something spectacular for that special night? My Look Luck has a selection of garter belts with unique details that will make you feel unforgettable.

Best sellers and customer favorites

Discover the favorite choices of those who have already immersed themselves in the world of My Look Luck. Let the opinions of others guide you in your choice.

Care and maintenance tips

Washing and storage

Treat your garter belt with care. Prefer hand washing and let it air dry. When storing, it prevents tangling with other garments. Proper care will ensure that it will be with you for a long time.

Increasing the longevity of your garter belt

Avoid the use of bleaches and irons. When putting it on, wear it carefully to avoid damaging its delicate materials.

How to wear a garter belt with confidence

The power of attitude

The garter belt is just the beginning. The real magic lies in how you feel when you wear it. Adopt a positive attitude and let yourself be carried away by the feeling of power and femininity it provides.

Accept and love your body

Every body is unique and perfect in its own way. The garter belt is an ally to celebrate your individuality. Love yourself and enjoy the experience of dressing for yourself.


The garter belt has transcended time, becoming an essential piece in the world of lingerie. Whether for functionality or aesthetics, its power to elevate self-esteem and celebrate femininity is undeniable. We invite you to explore the wonderful options that
My Look Luck
in Barcelona, has to offer and immerse yourself in this universe of sensuality and style.

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