4 Tips to get it right when buying lingerie

4 Tips para acertar en la compra de lenceria

Know your body and what works for you

The first step in choosing the perfect lingerie is, without a doubt, knowing your body. By being clear about which areas you would like to enhance and which you prefer to conceal, the selection process will be much simpler and more successful.

Body types and how to identify yours

Every body is unique, but there are some general categories that can help you identify which one most closely resembles yours. These are: hourglass, triangle, inverted triangle, oval and rectangle. You may identify with more than one category; the important thing is to recognize which garments will make you feel more comfortable and confident. Internal link to another possible article here on body types.

Recommended lingerie according to body shape: What to enhance and what to conceal?

Once you have identified your body type, you can decide which lingerie suits you best:

Body type What to enhance What to disguise
Hourglass Bustiers or bustiers Avoid straight cuts
Triangle Padded bras Culottes or panties with a lot of volume

Attention to materials and comfort

Beautiful but uncomfortable lingerie is no good. It is crucial that the lingerie you choose allows you to move easily and makes you feel good.

Difference between everyday lingerie and special occasion lingerie

For everyday wear, opt for lingerie made of cotton or breathable materials. On special occasions, you can lean towards lace or silk, as long as you feel comfortable.

The importance of materials: breathability, softness and adaptability

Materials are essential to ensure comfort. The breathability prevents chafing, the softness ensures that there is no discomfort and the adaptability ensures that the garment fits perfectly to your body.

Why all that glitters is not gold? Avoiding poor quality lingerie

While it is tempting to opt for cheaper lingerie, often these products are made of low-quality materials that may cause irritation or not last long. Investing in quality lingerie, such as that offered by My Look Luck, will ensure you get the best value for your money.

Don’t neglect sizing: perfect fit is key

Wearing the right size lingerie is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also of health and comfort.

The consequences of wearing the wrong size

A size that is too tight can cause skin marks, discomfort and circulatory problems. On the other hand, a size too large will not offer the necessary support, which can cause pain, especially in the case of bras.

How to measure yourself correctly and make sure you are buying your right size

To make sure you are choosing the right size, measure your bust, waist and hips. Use these measurements as a guide when consulting size charts. Internal link to a guide on how to measure yourself.

My Look Luck’s return policy: How do we guarantee that you find your perfect size?

“My Look Luck understands how essential it is to find the perfect fit. That’s why we offer a friendly return policy that allows you to exchange the lingerie if you feel it’s not the right fit for you.

Opportunity makes the thief: choose according to the moment

Everyday lingerie: Comfort without sacrificing style

On a daily basis, prioritize comfort, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Choose pieces that fit your routine and make you feel good.

Lingerie for special evenings: Unleash your daring side

For those magical nights, opt for lingerie that highlights your figure and makes you feel powerful and confident. Lace, transparencies and unique details are ideal for these occasions.

Lingerie for specific events: weddings, sports, etc.

Each event has its own ideal lingerie. For weddings, choose pieces that fit and do not show under the dress. If you practice sports, support is essential.


Choosing the right lingerie is an art that combines knowledge of your body, attention to materials and perfect fit. We invite you to visit the “My Look Luck” store in Barcelona to discover a wide range of options and advise you on your choice.

Additional recommendations

Basic care for lingerie: how to wash and preserve your linens

Lingerie is delicate and requires special care. Wash it by hand or in gentle cycles, and always let it air dry. Avoid using aggressive bleaches or dryers.

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